●Shi Group Gift

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Thank you for all your support and patience. We have for you a new group gift!



The Unisex Leather Rings are packed separately for Female and Male. The rings are only compatible for the following mesh hands:


  • Slink Gesture & Relaxed
  • Maitreya

HUD Female


  • TMP
  • Slink Relaxed
  • Signature Gianni Relax


All rings for the listed compatible mesh hands are linked. Which means, you just need to:

  1. Wear the attachment
  2. Wear your HuD
  3. Click on the listed hands of your choice and the rings will rez accordingly (of course have your own hands worn before that).

.How to resize them?
Always make a copy before anything.


  1. Manually – Wear the rings click and select “Delete” and select “Yes”. Now you can select them in your edit mode to resize them manually.
  2. Resize Scripts – Scroll down to instructions

.Want to wear only 1 ring of either sides?
Simply click on any of the options on the HuD:

L1 – Left Ring 1
L2 – Left Ring 2
R1 – Right Ring 1
R2 – Right Ring 2
Hide all – Hide all rings

.How to turn all back on?
Click on the choice hands and the rings will appear again.


Remember to wear your group tags and note that gifts are available for a limited period of time after which it will no longer be available.

●Shi x Messiah Qavah Face Harness

Messiah, Unisex

Qavah” means to hope for. Although situations binds us in life beyond our comprehension & control, we can still hope amidst the troubles.




The face mask is Unisex and have been fitted with and without the following mesh heads: TMP, Fiore, Catwa, Genesis, Lelutka, Signature (shouldn’t be a problem fitting most mesh heads as item is an unrigged mesh with re-sizable script).

The mask showcases exquisite details on leathers, interior suede texture and the featured perforated leather on the side. A HUD is included for comprehensive texture change and options to turn the geometry on or off.


As shown below: The ALL version includes options to mix and match all colors of leathers.


The female model is wearing a Fiore “Precious” mesh head with the system head shape slider at 63. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo and resize it to your preference before purchase. Note that the final purchase includes modify permissions.


Now available in store

.Shi Group Gifts


We have a new group gift for you, we have ALSO placed #Throwback Hits! With much thought, .Shi has decided to put out some of your favorite past group gifts. Here’s the breakdown:

.Shi’s Street Look [Unisex] hair. This version is “rigged mesh” with long wind swept strands and no veil or bangs. We have included all 8 color hair packs. Available for a limited time only.

Street Look GG

#Throwback Hits “The Hits” – Do note that some of these items are un-rigged mesh and may not fit your mesh bodies. It can however be adjusted to fit you properly.

*Note, these accessories and apparels were created before the popularity of mesh bodies.


1. Drape Ravel Cardigan
2. Love ring
3. Journey Earring
4. Ripped Tank Top
5. Leather Wrist Belt
6. Rigged Sleeve
7. Namecard Holder w Chain
8. Gear Studded Headphone Case
9. Glossy Bikini Top

*I M P O R T A N T*

These gifts will be available from now till Sunday (24th of January, 11pm SLT) and will not be available anymore.

TAXI : The Boutique



.Shi UNISEX Street Chic Hair X Kustom9

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.Shi is starting the new year with Kustom9. For our first release, we present the UNISEX Street Chic Hair. A straight bob with blunt tips, covered with a knitted slouch beanie and chic veil. 2 versions included, with or without bangs.




True to its name, it is perfect to complete your street look for any #ootd.

– Veil can be turned off via HUD

– Hair is “un-rigged” mesh hair and can be resized via clicking on hair.

– Available in 8 color packs and each color pack contains 5 new hair textures.

This round runs from January 15th – February 10th.

TAXI: Kustom9