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New “Shoe” Golgotha now available at Uber event.

Golgotha here translates to “Place of the Skull” where the crucifixion was on. This marks the victory won and that we shall crush the serpent under our heels.

1 Shoe 2 Versions
2 Heels | Patent & Reptile
V1 : With heel netting V2 : Without
4 colors shimmer thigh socks included
Both versions includes with & without socks option.

Available in 4 colors (Black, Brown, Vintage Red & Mustard). Designed to bring harmony between Apocalyptic & Industrial Glam with a splash of vintage through the color tones. 

  • Copy & Modify permissions
  • Bento rigged compatible with Maitreya & Freya high feet 

The above advert features the heel worn on Maitreya Lara’s high feet.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.