.Shi @ TMD

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.Shi is back as guest at “TMD” and this month with 2 new releases for the men.



First, we have the rigged mesh “Zipper Vest”. A lightly distressed leather single-sided vest with embedded coiled zippers, frayed edged scarf tucked out uniquely through the zipper pocket. Available in 3 colors; black, dark Wine and cardinal.

In addition, we have the “Scoop Fold T”. A scoop tee, made to fit loosely to drape under the vest. 2 versions are included per size (Difference in the butt area) and It can also be worn independently without the vest. Available in 4 fabrics, concrete, marble, black, brown.

*!Both items can be worn independently and are compatible with all .Shi male bottoms:
– Meggings
– Leather Pants
– Drape Bermudas

These are available exclusively @ TMD till the end of September

P/s: Ladies version will be released by the end of this month. 😉


!NEW .Shi – April Group Gifts

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It’s been awhile since I’ve released gifts for YOU! Yes yes, I apologize – real life has gotten the best of me for a bit but it can never keep me away from SL too long!

This time, we’ve got 2 gifts for you:


1. Ravel drape cardigan [Unisex . Rigged]
– This includes rigged mesh hands (HUD included for skin tuning) to be worn with the cardigan for those of you with preference of better hands definition. Alternatively, you can detach it and switch your alpha to wear it with your default avatar hands as well.

– Option of 14 textures via HUD featuring 2 special “Marble” fabric pattern which is the current trending.

2. Ravel fabric necklace [Unisex . Unrigged]
– Includes 3 fabric texture options with re-size script. Simply click on it to change your texture / re-size it.

Available in-store NOW as gift for ●Shi

TAXI .Shi Boutique

* Poses used in the vendor are a new unisex set by Vibe poses. called, “Free Radicals” which is meant to represent free expression. Pick them up today!

TAXI Vibe Flagship

.Shi – The INDEPENDENCE Collection

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Thank you for being patient with us! We finally present to you the much anticipated “I N D E P E N D E N C E Collection”.

“This collection consist of different raw materials such as tin foil, newspaper, cardboard, suede, ink and Shi’s signature use of leather. In addition, we’re giving you more texture options. When you purchase the color pack, you get an additional exclusive texture that isn’t sold separately.

This collection of 9 Intricate mesh items are designed to accentuate the body and dare you to be different.”

First, we have the Confi Long Coat, short for “Confidence”. The long coat includes 3 texture options that allows you to change the inner coat, scarf and sleeves. Available in 5 colors total, leather texture is only available in the color pack.


The Drape Jumper is an intricately designed dress uniquely belted around one knee. Each dress includes dual color options available via HUD. The color pack includes 6 textures with an exclusive black leather enabling you to mix n match with versatility.


The UNISEX Outre leather pants comes with an optional, unique wrap in the back of the slight low rise pants. Single purchases come with both Homme and Femme sizes packed separately.. Available in 5 colors, Maroon color is available exclusively only with color pack.


For our menswear, we have the Caplet Drape Tank Top that includes 2 layers that can be worn separately – Inner Tank & Outer.

The Shoulder pads, belt, outer and inner layer can be turned on | off via the comprehensive HUD. Textures includes Newspaper, Paint , Leather and Graphic. The Charcoal cotton texture is only available in the color pack.


The Couveture Draped Vest is an asymmetric vest with a loose leather belt around the neck. Best paired with the Drape Jumper dress or can also be worn separately. The color pack HUD enables you to wear dual colors. 6 colors in total, brown color is only available in color pack.


Tie T, is a semi-long Petal shaped, tee with a leather belt that wraps around the waist and a sexy V-back. Available in 6 colors, the brown color only available in the color pack.


The Arreter top, is a sophisticated top with exposed midriff. It can be paired with the Outre leather pants or the Envel leather skirt. Available in 7 colors, full leather option only available in the color pack.


The Envel Leather Skirt was designed to mutate from pencil skirts, envelopes the thighs balancing the hip with a sexy curve. Available in 5 textures: Foil , Savage , White, and Black. Blue texture is only available with the color pack.


Last but not least, the Defiant Neck Harness. A bold and kinky statement piece to finish your look. The harness is unrigged and includes 2 different styles via HUD:
V1 – Upper Neck area
V2 – Neck & Belted around the waist.

Three colors included: Black, Brown and White.


Remember to pick up your Luxe group gift, the .Shi Wrist Belt. Available for a limited time only. To retrieve your group gift, please wear your .Shi Luxe group tag.


* Please remember to demo before you buy.

.Shi New Releases and Lux Exclusives

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The .Shi “Unisex Suspenders” and “Meggings” are now available at our mainstore. Each comes with a HUD for more texture options.



For a limited time only, .Shi Lux members can pick up these exclusive gifts at our mainstore. The Homme “Ripped Tank Top” comes with a 9 colored texture change HUD and is rigged.



The second group gift is the unrigged mesh “Headband” that comes with 7 scarf patterns via HUD. To retrieve your group gift, please wear your .Shi Lux group tag.




.Shi @ The Mens Department

Homme, Unisex

We have two new special releases for you, the rigged mesh unisex “Leather Suspenders”. Also, the much awaited mitch and match “Meggings” in dual checkered tweed and cotton with leather knee patch for men.

These can both be worn separate or combined for a great look. Available now at “The Mens Department” with promotional price for a limited time only.


.Shi Leather Suspenders & Meggings