.Shi [Full Releases] SALE and News

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New releases & Sale for you! This time we will be releasing it in 3 phases.

After making their debut at Limited Bazaar, today we have released the first part of our S/S 2013 Collection at the mainstore. Here’s Part 1 of the release:

The Hive High Waist Shorts are now available in 7 colors. We have also the Fatpack version that enables you to change textures via HUD.


Our first mesh hair “Quiet Confidence”. Now available in 5 basic color packs: Blondes, Reds, Lite Browns, Dark Browns and Black. Four colors included in each pack and highlights version of each color. Please remember to demo before you buy.


The long awaited chunky “Starburst Fabric Necklace” with gold engraving and studs held together by thick fabric. Both Gold & Copper option available via HUD. Choose up to four different color combinations.

*Note: This is a resize-able and un-rigged mesh.


Available now @ .Shi Mainstore T A X I

** I M P O R T A N T N O T I C E **

On the 5th of May, we will be retiring all of our sculpt items. This includes clothes, hair and accessories, they will not be available anymore. However, shoes will be the only sculpts to remain. All items are now MARKED DOWN – So this is your last chance to grab these classic pieces before they’re gone forever. These items will not be available upon request nor on marketplace.

Price Adjustment Policy – For customers who have purchased any of the sale items within the last 7 days, please do send your transaction history details / queries to Journey Lorakeet and we’ll refund you the difference accordingly.

.Shi New Releases and Lux Exclusives

Gifts, Homme

The .Shi “Unisex Suspenders” and “Meggings” are now available at our mainstore. Each comes with a HUD for more texture options.



For a limited time only, .Shi Lux members can pick up these exclusive gifts at our mainstore. The Homme “Ripped Tank Top” comes with a 9 colored texture change HUD and is rigged.



The second group gift is the unrigged mesh “Headband” that comes with 7 scarf patterns via HUD. To retrieve your group gift, please wear your .Shi Lux group tag.