For April, we are proud to be participating in the “Creators Collection Box” event. Today, we for you two new exclusive items for the ladies.

The Kimono Neck Warmer is a fitted-mesh v-neck warmer with Shi’s signature leather and fringe. Available in 5 leather textures.

▪ Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.
▪ Fatpack ver. available (All colors via HUD)

In addtion, the Wrap Bustier. A casual fitted-mesh wrap top that crosses both the front and back. Choose up to 10 textures, inspired by the real life .Shi fabric. The collar pin comes in 3 colors that can also be changed via HuD.

▪ 2 versions are included for the Standard Avatar, optional alpha and a Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.


*Note: These are fitted-mesh, please remember to demo before you buy.

This round for CCB runs from 25th April – 16th of May.


.Shi – Exclusives for “Enchantment”

Accessories, Events, Gifts, Releases, Unisex

.Shi is participating in this months “Enchantment, an event centered around a classic story from Grimm’s fairy tale. The theme for this round is based on Charles Perrault’s “Bluebeard”.

“…murder, betrayal and riches abound in this tale of woe”. – from the Enchantment official website.


We have two items for you, the exclusive unisex “EVRA Neckpiece”. A full neck piece of iron nails, chains and a heart pendant keyhole. Homme and Femme version included. This item can be purchased at the .Shi Boutique.

– Re-Size + Stretch script
– Re-Texture script via click
– 4 Pendant texture options
– 2 Chain texture options
– 2 Nail texture options


For our prize, we have the “Enchanted Key Necklace”. A silver chain necklace with intricate keys adorned.

– Re-Size + Stretch script
– Re-Texture script via click
– 2 Key texture options
– 2 Chain texture options

* This item will no longer be available after this event.

To redeem your prize, you must visit all participating stores and make sure your stamp card is fully stamped. Then you may claim your prize at the following location.


Enchantment runs from August 1st through August 31st. A whole month to pick up these prizes and discover other stores. We Hope you like!

.Shi @ The Arcade!


We are excited to announce that .Shi is part of The Arcade Gacha event for September!

For this special event, I threw myself a challenge to create a UNISEX fingerless glove with MESH hands. This pair of rigged gloves includes hands for both Male & Female along with 2 different sizes each for fitting options AND 3 torny rings!

This round runs from the 1st September – 30th September.




*Note : This is a rigged mesh item, therefore it CANNOT be repositioned nor resized. However, you CAN resize the mesh hands via the system slider. Please read the instructions included. We would also like to stress that .Shi’s items are 100% original and created from scratch.

.Shi New Releases and Lux Exclusives

Gifts, Homme

The .Shi “Unisex Suspenders” and “Meggings” are now available at our mainstore. Each comes with a HUD for more texture options.



For a limited time only, .Shi Lux members can pick up these exclusive gifts at our mainstore. The Homme “Ripped Tank Top” comes with a 9 colored texture change HUD and is rigged.



The second group gift is the unrigged mesh “Headband” that comes with 7 scarf patterns via HUD. To retrieve your group gift, please wear your .Shi Lux group tag.