●Shi x Beauty Among the Chaos @ The Arcade


.Shi is proud to be participating once again in, “The Arcade”. This collection attempts to showcase 2 of my favorite things – Accessories & Food!



Inspired by the natural environment of rocks, the UNISEX rings are designed with intentional dents and roughly chipped edges which translates into our existing lives on earth where nothing is perfect. Some call these flaws, we call it Personality.

Each design represents our environment, thoughts and emotions. With these, we aim to translate all these including our imperfections into perfectly placed detail.


Inspired by de-constructed cuisines and natural environment, we pair the 2 and present you the “Beef Carpaccio” set – delicate fresh slices of beef with fresh herbs and balsamic glaze drizzle accompanied by the rings as garnish hoping to bring together Art, Fashion & Food.

For the Vegans, we have mushroom soup served in asian inspired porcelain spoons on a slate platter, layered with white truffle mousse topped with shimeji mushroom and black truffle shavings. On the side, an additional slice of butter (could be cacao/cashew/almond butter) on a wooden mini platter with completed chives for garnish.

All items are non modify, non copy and transfer with Resize & Stretch scripts.

19 items in total, 8 RARES included @ 100L per play

This round of Arcade runs from the 1st of September – 31st September.

TAXI: The Arcade

.Shi Hair x Kustom9


We are happy to be participating once again in Kustom9. This time, a little something special – new hair for the ladies named “Journey” dedicated to my beloved buddy Journey Lorakeet!


1. This is a Fitted Mesh hair, which means you can resize it via the default system sliders (Edit Appearance) to fit your head size, stretch and length. Each set includes 5 color variations via HuD.

2. Includes 2 version of leather twist tie (Rigged & Un-rigged) with 8 leather and 2 metal options via HuD

3. Full set of hair base per color pack included

Available in 8 color packs and each color pack contains 5 new hair textures.


This round runs from now, till 10th September.



For April, we are proud to be participating in the “Creators Collection Box” event. Today, we for you two new exclusive items for the ladies.

The Kimono Neck Warmer is a fitted-mesh v-neck warmer with Shi’s signature leather and fringe. Available in 5 leather textures.

▪ Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.
▪ Fatpack ver. available (All colors via HUD)

In addtion, the Wrap Bustier. A casual fitted-mesh wrap top that crosses both the front and back. Choose up to 10 textures, inspired by the real life .Shi fabric. The collar pin comes in 3 colors that can also be changed via HuD.

▪ 2 versions are included for the Standard Avatar, optional alpha and a Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.


*Note: These are fitted-mesh, please remember to demo before you buy.

This round for CCB runs from 25th April – 16th of May.


.Shi @ The Secret Affair!

Events, Unisex

.Shi is participating in yet another big event!. This month, we are proud to be guest of “The Secret Affair”. With a theme inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, we came up with 2 new UNISEX items.

First we have the unisex “Raven” Hair, un-rigged with leather straps trimming along the hair parting towards the back and around the low knot with wispy hairs along the sides. It also includes a carabiner hair accessory, that can be worn separately for better adjustments.

Available / Includes :
– 5 sets of 4 color shades each (Apart from Set 6 which has 9!)
– Mono, Browns, Red, Blonde & Cotton candy colors (set 6)
– Texture change via HuD
– Resize + Stretch scripts via click


In addition, the unisex and rigged “Redefine Mask”. A unisex, rigged mask designed intentionally with “peel” holes to re-define and enhance your styling needs for fashion/ role-play / Photography

Redefine Mask

Available / Includes :

– 6 texture change via HuD
– 3 sizes for best fit
– 3 versions of alpha


TAXI: The Secret Affair

.Shi @ The Arcade!


We are excited to announce that .Shi is part of The Arcade Gacha event for September!

For this special event, I threw myself a challenge to create a UNISEX fingerless glove with MESH hands. This pair of rigged gloves includes hands for both Male & Female along with 2 different sizes each for fitting options AND 3 torny rings!

This round runs from the 1st September – 30th September.




*Note : This is a rigged mesh item, therefore it CANNOT be repositioned nor resized. However, you CAN resize the mesh hands via the system slider. Please read the instructions included. We would also like to stress that .Shi’s items are 100% original and created from scratch.