.Shi “OBJECTS” @ The Arcade

  • .Shi “OBJECTS” @ The Arcade

    .Shi is participating in “The Arcade Gacha” this March!. This time, we’re bringing something different. The “OBJECTS” is a stationary collection of designed around “Melted Leather”. These are items that you can decorate your desk with a touch of .Shi. Details below:


    1. The leather “My Journal” comes in 3 leather colors: Camel, Red & Black. [COMMON] version is closed and can be worn or rezzed for decoration.

    2. “My Journal [RARE]” comes open with a blank page that you can personalize by adding your own textures or ones provided. Also included is a vintage fountain pen and is soft linked that you can position however you want.

    3. “Melted Shades [COMMON]” – 6 wearable colors in total. A HUD is Included with all shades for changing lens opacity and color.

    4. “Melted Shades [RARE]” HUD comes with additional textures for leather and chains. A display version of shades is also included for decoration.

    5. “Ink Bottle” – 2 [COMMONS] and 2 [RARE]. 3 additional textures for Ink letters can be changed via clicking on bottle.

    6. “My Namecard Holder” [COMMON] – Personalize your cards by adding your own textures. Backup texture is also included.

    23 items in total, 11 rares included and 100L per play.

    This round of Arcade runs from the 1st of March – March 31st.

    TAXI: The Arcade

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