.Shi Hair x Uber

  • .Shi Hair x Uber

    .Shi is proud to be participating once again in UBER. With the theme of “Street Style” in mind, we present to you 2 exclusive unisex hairs. In addition, we’re introducing our new hair HuD with revamped hair colors.

    1. Ruff It Up [Unrigged Mesh] 􀀁

    A short and textured bob hairstyle, designed intentionally to be messy giving a “Caught in the wind” effect that frames your face especially the side profiles.

    – Unrigged hair
    – Resize + Stretch script included


    2. Bob Knot [Unrigged Mesh]

    Another variation of a messy half bob pulled back with a small bun, with intentional fallen hair on one side.

    – Unrigged hair
    – Resize + Stretch script included


    Both hairs are unrigged and re-sizable for better fitting. Available in 7 color packs and each color pack contains 5 new hair textures.

    This round runs from now, till August 22nd.


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