Dear friends and supporters,
    I can’t thank you enough for your continual support and patience all this time. As some of you have questioned and probably wondered about the reasons behind intermittent releases by ●Shi. It was just my way of balance between both Second and Real Life. I had to forcefully pace myself as the last thing I ever want would be to suffer a burn out. Seeing how my fellow designers in SL could so quickly churn out release after release never fail to amaze me – you guys keep rocking!


    Currently, I am focused on my second production launching on 10th April in RL. Being a rookie in the real life fashion industry, there were many things I had to grasp within a really short period of time. Unforeseen circumstances with production threw me a curve ball. It wasn’t easy having my heart wanting to be at both (SL & RL) places at the same time either!
    What does this mean?

    ●Shi will be taking a step back for a short break in Second Life for this month of April and be back in full force coming May with new directions and changes.

    We are also pleased to announce a new brand MESSIAH – that will focus predominantly on menswear ranging from knitwear basics, drapery, formal and classics with a dash of .Shi.

    The new brand will expect to make it’s debut in June. We have a facebook page up, here’s our handle – The page is still pretty much empty, however we will post more details as we progress – like us to stay tuned!

    P/s: We will be posting openings for media partners and photographers as well. So stay tuned!
    Best Regards
    Joy Laperriere

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