UPDATE 3 Mar’18 – Thank you for your patience. We have updated this and it has been sent via our messenger in-world automatically to all you who have purchased it. Should you miss it, click on the “REDELIVERY” terminal at the main-store to retrieve it.

    We have updated it with enhanced rig and 3 sizes (V1-V3) for better fit.For avatars with smaller “Torso Muscles” please try V3, it should fit you better.

    Despite our best efforts to rig, parts of the arm might still show in certain pose/animations. This is inevitable as we have no control over the pose/animations to ensure our mesh moves in the same exact manner.

    New “Defiled” leather arm warmers available now at Remnant . Dark Days event.

    As revealed in our earlier release for the Racerback dress & Mutant boots , our design focus for this year would be The Art of Degeneration. Therefore, we strive to make all releases a cohesive collection.

    Defiled leather arm warmers includes:

    • Bento rigged
    • Compatible with Maitreya Lara only at this time
    • Modify permission (as some of you prefer to tint it)
    • Purchase includes 4 colors : Black, White, Brown and Dust

    The “Dust” version deviates from the others as an option for those who prefer something more matte and less shine on the leather.

    Note : For ladies with Torso muscles lower than 35, you will experience challenges in getting it to fit. This is a common occurrence due to the technicality of the rig. In lieu of this, an update would be sent with a smaller size option for smaller torso muscles. Updates are free and sent automatically to all who purchased.


    *If you wish us to include more mesh body compatibility, feel free to write in-world to Joy Laperriere. Do note that it will take time to implement but – ALL suggestions are welcome!

    The unconventional design of our items tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the profiles at every angle when worn. The model is wearing a Maitreya Lara mesh body. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo to ensure it fits you before purchase. 

    The top and pants shown above is currently available for men only. A ladies version will be released in the week to come.



    Scarf Top .Shi Body Maitreya Lara Harem Pants .Shi 

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