We are excited to present you the “Dark Decadence” Food & Decor set for the Shiny Shabby event! This set is also being featured with Nutmeg as a collaborative effort to infuse both our styles of vintage and modern minimal together.

    This collection is sold separately in 8 sets. Here are some zoom shots taken in-world and detail descriptions:

    1. Cacao & Espresso Platter – Includes organic raw chunks of cacao with fresh vanilla pods, silver vintage spoon with melted heap of cacao espresso, espresso shot glass and fresh arabica beans.  

    2. Macaroons Basket & Beans – Includes a distressed basket of black truffle macaroons

    3. Espresso & Macaroons – Includes a clear glass of espresso, black truffle macaroons and fresh arabica beans.

    4. Chocolate Stained Spoons – Includes a pair of silver vintage spoons stained with pure chocolate decadence.

    5. Cherries n Mug – Includes a distressed dented used mug with fresh luscious cherries.

    6. Cacao Truffles Platter – Includes a stone slate filled with delicious chocolate truffles topped with chopped pistachio nuts and sea salt sprinkles. Featuring a halved piece baring a rich cherry almond interior oozing with dark luxurious rose hinted chocolate topped with dried french rose buds.

    7. Mono Artichoke Vase – Includes 3 stalks of black artichoke in a black clay vase resting on a modern concrete with fallen artichoke leaves and monochromatic wall art display.

    8. Purple Artichoke Display – Includes 2 purple artichoke stalks on a stone slate.


    There is also a GROUP GIFT for you available at the booth at Shiny Shabby. Please do activate the .Shi in-world group to click and redeem it.



    *Note: The final purchase includes both modify & copy permissions.


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