We are excited to present you our new unisex hair BATACH available at Shiny Shabby event!

    Batach” means to trust.

    One of mankind’s biggest heart breaks – the inability to trust. Of which stems from a broken trust. Many of times, we tend to meet people we “want to trust” and ignore the bright red flashing of “Beware” signals sending dis-ease through our entire being. Unfortunately, 90% of the time our senses proves us right.

    Amidst our disappointments and hurts, I implore you/ us to stand up and fight off the anger and bitterness – don’t allow it to devour you from the inside. We tend to tell ourselves, this person is not worth it. True, to a certain extend. They might have inflicted pain and hurts, but how we respond decides our future. Therefore, it isn’t for us to judge as they each will face their personal agenda in life. Let go and hold on to love, chose to believe in this mighty strength God gave us – Love. For it is in our weakness we find true strength and in that we have been set free.

    The “Batach” , half skin-shaven exposed head represents our flaws and vulnerabilities. Though exposed, stand tall and embrace this journey – Head on.

    New hair available exclusively at Shiny Shabby includes:

    • Re-sizable scripts
    • Modify permission
    • Texture change via HUD
    • Hairbase x 5 color options per pack included

    Hairbase includes:

    In our best efforts, we try to have the hair-bases look good. As mesh heads differs brand to brand, do demo them before you make your final purchase. The hair-bases all Omega compatible, which means you can use them on:

    • Catwa
    • Fiore
    • Genesis
    • Lelutka
    • Signature Gianni
    • Much more here >

    Please do ensure you have the necessary Omega installers & router in order for the appliers to work. Stay updated with Omega

    The above advert features the hair in color 8 from one of our new texture sets “Apocalypse 1 Dirty“.

    The new textures includes a unique “Dirty” version designed to mimic dirt in the hair to complete your dystopian style. 

    apocalypse-1 apocalypse-1_dirtyapocalypse-2

    The unconventional design of our hairs tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the face profiles at every angle when worn. All hairs have been fitted with and without the following mesh heads: TMP, Fiore, Lelutka, Catwa, Genesis and Signature.

    The model is wearing a Lelutka “Chloe” mesh head with the system head size shape slider at 52. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo and resize it to fit your preference before purchase.

    *Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.


    Head : Lelutka / Chloe

    Skin : Glam Affair Amaya 

    Piercing : [CX] Spiked Drill (Silver Unrigged / Rigged bento versions included as well)

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