We are excited to present you “Ayin”, an eye accessory set with omega makeup applier available at Remnant : Dark Days event!

    “Ayin” is the word for eye in Hebrew. With the knowledge of good and evil, our eyes are the window to our soul.

    Born with the knowledge of good and evil, every waking moment is a fight of faith. Temptations, Anger, Bitterness, Depression and Fear is real. The “Ayin” set was designed to be abstract by using a simple element – Threads. Each thread represents the challenges we face. The threads in expression shows our conflicts and contradictions of our soul by coiling into knots over and over again in attempt to consume us. The half stitched threads over our eyes represents our fight of faith to keep on seeing the good among evil.


    • Eye makeup via OMEGA Applier
    • Eye threading accessory – Left & Right side can be worn separately
    • Bridge piercing with and without threads version included
    • 4 metal options for piercing via HuD
    • Resize & stretch script included
    • Modify permission


    In our best efforts, we have included an omega applier for the eye makeup. As the mesh heads of each brand varies with the unique UV map, it might look different from the above vendor image.

    The above advert features the makeup on a Genesis : Lena bento head.

    Please do try the demo and resize it to fit your preference before purchase.

    *Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.

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