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New “Shoe” Golgotha now available at Uber event.

Golgotha here translates to “Place of the Skull” where the crucifixion was on. This marks the victory won and that we shall crush the serpent under our heels.

1 Shoe 2 Versions
2 Heels | Patent & Reptile
V1 : With heel netting V2 : Without
4 colors shimmer thigh socks included
Both versions includes with & without socks option.

Available in 4 colors (Black, Brown, Vintage Red & Mustard). Designed to bring harmony between Apocalyptic & Industrial Glam with a splash of vintage through the color tones. 

  • Copy & Modify permissions
  • Bento rigged compatible with Maitreya & Freya high feet 

The above advert features the heel worn on Maitreya Lara’s high feet.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.




SALE 190119

Sale, Unisex


The annual sale is now on – For 3 days only till 21st January!
Here are some information to help you shop.


– Pay and the discount will be refunded to you.


– Lower price for .Shi group members only
– Non group members pay the higher price (left option) 

P/s: All Gachas included this time at 70% off 🙂

Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Joy Laperriere



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New hair Medusozoa hair available now at Uber event.

Medusozoa here inspired by the species of a Jellyfish! A straight bob with intricate textured wispy fringed neckline (fly strands at the back) and longer choppy bangs to balance & frame the face.

Hair includes:

  • Re-sizable scripts
  • Copy & Modify permission
  • 2 Style Versions (V1 & V2 without fringe neckline)
  • 5 x hair colors texture change via HuD
  • 5 x hair base texture change via HuD
  • Includes Highlights option with all colors via HuD

**Hair base included via Omega Appliers only.

The above advert features the hair in color 3 from the “E-Bronde” set .

The unconventional design of our hairs tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the face profiles at every angle when worn. All hairs have been fitted with and without the following mesh heads: Catwa, Genesis and Lelutka.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.




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New Unisex “Hooded Pullstring Dress” available now at the new dark themed TheEclipse event.

Available in 6 colors (Black, Slate, Olive, LilacGrey, OffWhite & DRed).

**Dress can be paired with all shoes/boots available in store as well.

  • Copy & Modify permissions
  • Bento rigged compatible with Maitreya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Jake, Gianni & Geralt only at the moment.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.


See picture



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Back for the 2nd round of a new event NEO JAPAN brainchild by Takuya Jinn of Gabriel & Hikaru Enimo of L’Homme magazine. This round’s offerings are simply breathtaking! Filled with amazing creative talents of Second Life – you don’t want to miss it!

For this event, we designed a full outfit of 3 new items :

1. Wide Leg Ruched Jumpsuit

Available in 6 colors – Black, White, Nude, Mustard, Slate & DCherry

With careful consideration to the theme of the event to keep it fun, modern with a touch of futurism – we incorporated a 3 fabric play into the asymmetric jumpsuit with side ruching detail finished with a subtle sexy backdrop.

In dedication to the Japanese color palette we’ve included our take of the vintage mustard color as well!

2. Plastik Bubble

Available in 2 colors – Black & Red

3. PVC Sleeves

Available in 4 colors – Black, White, Red & Neon Green

  • Bento rigged
  • Auto-hide enabled
  • Compatible with Maitreya Lara only

**Versions for Isis, Freya & Hourglass will be added soon. Updates will be sent automatically to all who purchased.

The unconventional design of our items tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the profiles at every angle when worn. The model is wearing a Maitreya mesh body. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo to ensure it fits you before purchase.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions. 


Rings .Shi Emeth Chunky Rings Hair .Shi Reva-Yah V2 / Color 1 Mono Socks .Shi Tabi Thigh Socks V2 (Torn) Body Maitreya Lara Head Genus Project Ears Swallow Pixie Ears