1. Why isn’t the Omega applier for the hair base isn’t working?

Please do ensure you have the necessary Omega installers & router by the brands in order for the appliers to work. For the respective mesh heads:

  • Catwa : http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/instructions-for-catwa/
  • Lelutka : http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/instructions-lelutka/
  • Others : http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/

2. I can’t fit into some of your mesh apparels. Why?

Second life is constantly evolving with new enhancements. While we strive to stay in the forefront of it, our older apparels still exists in the store. They were created based on the standard sizing avatar listed here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package/2894727

Please do try all demos before purchase to ensure it fits you perfectly.

3. Are you updating your older apparels to fit mesh bodies?

It is in our list of to dos, we will update them gradually as our focus is on bringing you new compatible releases.

4. Are your apparels compatible with mesh bodies?

All releases with effect from September 2015 are. Please do browse the blog and our flickr stream as it clearly states the exact mesh compatibility.

5. What brands are your apparels compatible with?

Currently, we are compatible with Maitreya, Belleza, Physique mesh body & Hourglass for the Ladies. TMP, Signature, Physique Male for the Men. We will add Belleza Male to the list in the coming releases.

6. Why isn’t the mesh moving with my ao/sit/stands?

We hear you perfectly, unfortunately this is something that we can only try our best to cater as each animation moves differently per joint therefore it is impossible to fit perfectly. Please try demo before purchase.

7. Do you have “Gifting” feature? I would like to send a gift, how do I do that?

  • Right-click on the vendor you wish to purchase from
  • Select “Buy Gift” and a drop down box will appear
  • Enter the name of the person you wish to gift to
  • Look at your local chat for the prompt “We’ve found [            ]. You can now pay the vendor and the gift will be sent.” Pay the vendor and the item is now sent!

8. I have not received my purchase, help!

Click on REDELIVERY here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/After%206%20Days/99/37/21

9. How do I check and buy credits?

Click on CREDITS here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/After%206%20Days/99/37/21
Right click on CREDITS & pay the amount you wish to top up.

10. I want Refund.

We do not accept refund requests except double purchases.

Contact: Joy Laperriere

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