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Thank you for all your support and patience. We have for you a new group gift!



The Unisex Leather Rings are packed separately for Female and Male. The rings are only compatible for the following mesh hands:


  • Slink Gesture & Relaxed
  • Maitreya

HUD Female


  • TMP
  • Slink Relaxed
  • Signature Gianni Relax


All rings for the listed compatible mesh hands are linked. Which means, you just need to:

  1. Wear the attachment
  2. Wear your HuD
  3. Click on the listed hands of your choice and the rings will rez accordingly (of course have your own hands worn before that).

.How to resize them?
Always make a copy before anything.


  1. Manually – Wear the rings click and select “Delete” and select “Yes”. Now you can select them in your edit mode to resize them manually.
  2. Resize Scripts – Scroll down to instructions

.Want to wear only 1 ring of either sides?
Simply click on any of the options on the HuD:

L1 – Left Ring 1
L2 – Left Ring 2
R1 – Right Ring 1
R2 – Right Ring 2
Hide all – Hide all rings

.How to turn all back on?
Click on the choice hands and the rings will appear again.


Remember to wear your group tags and note that gifts are available for a limited period of time after which it will no longer be available.

.Shi Group Gifts

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Thank you all for being patient! I know it has been a long while since the last gift, apologies on that as my schedule has been really tight in between commitments.

Also, I would very much prefer to be able to take my time and make something nice instead of placing a gift just for the sake of it. Having said that, we have NEW GIFTS available in-store now. Yes, TWO!

1. Shi HP Case


Gears studded hand phone case with
2 versions of chains with various texture option via HuD.


– 2 versions of chain length
– 4 screen options
– 4 bow leather options
– 8 case color
– 2 metal option for gears
– 2 metal option for chains
– 4 chained leather options
– 4 Gemstone options
– 2 Gem stud options
– 3 Pearl options
– 2 bow stud metals option
– Re-size + Stretch script

2. Shi Namecard Holder w Chains

Gift ADFinal

Chained name card holder with customizable cards that can be worn separately.


– 2 versions for men rigged with different positions
– 1 un-rigged version for both ladies and men
– Name card texture included for customization
– 2 metals and 6 leather strap options via HuD

This is an un-rigged mesh with HUD for texture change and Resizer + Stretch script – Please read the instructions included.

*Please do take note that the group gifts are only available for a limited time only, after which it will no longer be available.*

TAXI: The Boutique

.Shi @ TLC’s Poser Pavillion and Group Gifts!

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.Shi is participating in TLC’s Poser Pavillion this month themed “Minimal Nouveau”. Not only did we choose to do something different this time but, we are introducing a joint collaboration with Vibe poses!

Vibe is founded by our very own Journey Lorakeet. With an extensive photography experience, poses that were seen only in her amazing photography is now available for you!

In collaboration, .Shi created an exclusive limited edition “Velocipede” – A mesh prop that contains 4 unisex poses, 2 female , 1 male and 1 couple pose. The seat is texture change, with up to 5 distressed colors. This object is re-sizable via script, so that you can resize it to fit your avatar properly.


This round runs from March 15th – April 10th.


In addition, for those of you who bought this exclusive prop, you can now retrieve the “Add-ons” group gift in store!



P/s: Please do wear your .Shi group to retrieve the group gift in-store. Note this is a pose prop and does not actually operate via any animation.