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We are excited to present you TWO new dresses now available at Shiny Shabby event! It’s been a long while since we’ve released any apparels, as promised that’s going to change for both men and ladies.

The new dresses showcases the art of drapery accentuating the body silhouette from all angles. These are designed without visible arms – to mimic folded arms over chest grasping onto the fabric. It is a bento rigged item therefore it should size accordingly to your existing measurements. As some of you might want a fuller bust, you could still increase the system breast slider in “Appearance” mode.


Bionic Artistry Dress includes:

  • Bento rigged dress with a pair of Bionic Arms
  • Compatible with Maitreya Lara only at this time
  • Modify permission (as some of you prefer to color it darker)

Drape Over Dress includes:

  • Bento rigged dress
  • Compatible with Maitreya Lara only at this time
  • Modify permission (as some of you prefer to color it darker)


*If you wish us to include more mesh body compatibility, feel free to write in-world to Joy Laperriere. All suggestions are welcome!

To aid you in adjusting your alpha layers to match this item, we have included images references as shown below.



The unconventional design of our items tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the profiles at every angle when worn. 

The model is wearing a Maitreya Lara mesh body. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo to ensure it fits you before purchase.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions.


Body MAITREYA LARA Head GENESIS / Lena Ears SWALLOW Pixie Ears Earring [CX] Internal Wiring



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We are excited to be back for a round at Creators Collection Box!

True to its name, the shirt is designed with intentional longer-than-usual sleeve cuffs and wide collar, pushed back to create a slight droop at the back giving the side profile an interesting silhouette.

This is a fitted mesh item compatible with Maitreya Lara mesh body. This is available in 6 colors, Black, White, Midnight-blue, Dark-Orange, Maroon and Olive. An optional scarf in black is included separately.

The textures are colored to mimic a worn/distressed look for a post apocalyptic mood.

This time, we have listened to your feedback and have made it modifiable for your tinting preference. Nevertheless, we have included a demo therefore please do try it resize it to your preference before purchase. Note that the final purchase includes modify permissions.


Kadosh hair, ●Shi

Qavah face harness, ●Shi

Precious mesh head, FIORE

Belle by RK Poses