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NEW UNISEX unrigged stretched ears and accessories now available x UBERSL. A special event is prepared for their Anniversary month! To celebrate, a new venue build is in place as well as a hunt with gifts by all participating brands available x their main stores. Here’s the link to get you started!

*This image is 3D rendered, thus there will be some difference with the contrast and color in-world.

SHEMA here translates to “hear” in Hebrew. It holds a significant meaning for me personally. To listen to that gentle voice, an inner prompting, to lean in and reside in that place of peace and rest. It has and still is a difficult time for everyone, the real challenge is a fight to remain at rest in faith. Amidst the chaos, we will rise and shine.

Available in :

  • Materials enabled
  • Resizable scripts included
  • Copy & modify permissions
  • 7 skin tones via HuD & Color picker
  • Available in 2 metal textures | Silver & Steel
  • Linked separately for your creative preference

The embellish especially is linked separately so you can for example, edit to set 1 side transparent while wearing both ears with only the embellish on 1 side.

I had fun making this pair of ears! I do wish I had more time to work on it. Am not sure if this would evolve into a series of ears with variants/accessories. If this is something you guys love, do let me know your thoughts! I have received requests for an “Elf” version so we’ll see! As mentioned earlier, there is a hunt – we do have a matching ear studs for these ears hidden x the main store.

*Hint Use the area search or “Look beneath the surface“.

The ears, with some resizing and positioning should fit most mesh heads. Do try the demo before purchase.

Note: Should you encounter any difficulty and require assistance – kindly drop a line to Joy Laperriere in-world.

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