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Back at Uber with something different this time – FOOD!

It’s been over 4 years since I made any decors/food. The last couple of years have been tumultuous, a tug-of-war between real-life priorities and my passion to create. Probably, similar challenges fellow creators face as well! Second Life is and will always be this special place where am grateful for. Am finally at that place where I am at peace with more time to follow my heart. Big shout-out to my dear supporters and friends for your patience all these years. Your constant support and encouragement supercharge and motivates me – THANK YOU!

A foodie at heart, being on a Keto lifestyle for 4 years – there are days where I miss my carbs! With that in mind – I made these 3 sets of dim sum. Unlike the previous distressed styles, these are more minimal vintage-inspired. I had fun making them, I hope you’ll like them and have fun decorating them in your fabulous homes.

Meanwhile, am feeling inspired to explore diversity in my coming creations. I hope you’ll like and enjoy them ❤

Joy Laperriere

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