Apparel, Events, uber, Unisex


New top “Magen” now available at Uber event.

Magen” here translates to Shield in hebrew. Designed to express how our vulnerabilities are shown amidst the fear during this time of uncertainty. The signature draping artistry boasts of contrast with different textures of fabric, holding each fold strategically to present a new form. A new normal where we embrace change, moving forward – afraid. But moving forward – Together.

Purchase includes:

  • Copy & Modify permission
  • 1 x Boy shorts per version
  • 2 Sizes (V1 & V2) per version


  • Maitreya Lara
  • Legacy

*Note: Due to the nature of this design, it might poke through in some animations/poses. Kindly demo before purchase. No auto-hide scripts included as it isn’t required. However, should you encounter any difficulty and require assistance – kindly drop a line to Joy Laperriere in-world.

The unconventional design tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the profiles at every angle when worn. 




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