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We present you LAZARUS – a unisex accessory set exclusively designed for Iron Hills : Paranoia . Read more about the interactive story-based event here!

While the event is set in an environment to face your fears, having personally battled with and won the fight with chronic fears, anxiety & depression in the past – Lazarus is a personal dedication to the savior : Christ Jesus – The one who strengthens and loves us unconditionally, with the power & authority to raise all things dead – Life, Relationships, Dreams, Health & Peace.

Amidst all challenges, may we find our strength in him who calls things not as it is seen but by faith in what that is Unseen.

This set includes:

  • Unrigged with resize scripts, copy & modify permission
  • 1 x Blindfold with pins in black fabric
  • 1 x Mouth Harness – 2 versions (Him & Her)
  • Available in Black, Brown, Dust & Red

The unconventional design of our items tend to sway from the mainstream. With the focus on Style, we strive to enhance the profiles at every angle when worn. The model is wearing a Genesis mesh head . Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo to ensure it fits you before purchase.

*Note: The final purchase includes modify permissions. 



Hair .Shi MOD Color 1 E-Nordic Head Genesis / Lena Ears Swallow 

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