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We are excited to present you the “Noir Minimalist” Food & Decor collection for Shiny Shabby event! I know this is something very unlike the usual and that a lot of you – my beloved supporters have been waiting for new hairs and apparels. The time will come,  rest assured I have not given up on apparels although it has been a long while since I released any for both Male & Female. I just prefer to take my time to get adjusted with the Bento riggings and present an end result that both you and myself will be satisfied with!


Meanwhile, I had a lot of fun creating these with a touch of vintage yet keeping it minimal. The “Quail Eggs” set especially, I was trying to mimic as close as possible while hand painting each of them. I hope you like them! All cutlery includes 3 metal textures (Fade, Silver & Bronze) that are packed separately. I wanted to pack them with a HUD but it would increase the Land Impact count unless scripts are deleted after rezzing. For these, I’ve decided to keep things old school and simple for all level of users :).


The collection is sold separately in 5 sets. Here are some details and special features:


  1. Dish Set – Includes a stack of 3 piece dish, Herb branch & scattered leaves, *dipping bowl with teaspoon and *a pair of cutlery on napkin *(3 metals included : Fade, Silver & Bronze packed separately).

2. Quail Eggs Set – Includes 2 versions (with and without light packed separately) of hand-painted quail eggs resting on a bed of messy hay strands. The special feature would be the light effect set to glow and light the ambiance in the dark setting a cosy atmosphere.

The set also includes a napkin with a cracked egg display on a spoon (3 metals included : Fade, Silver & Bronze packed separately).

3. Clay Coffee & Flask set – Includes a clay coffee cup on saucer with teaspoon (3 metals included : Fade, Silver & Bronze packed separately), 2 clay coffee cups stacked and 1 clay coffee flask.

4. Napkin with Cutlery Stack – 2 versions of messy stack of cutlery resting on a napkin. One with mixed metals and the other packed with 3 metals : Fade, Silver & Bronze (packed separately).

5. Vintage Flatware – A full set of french inspired vintage flatware with fleur carvings (Fork V1 and V2, Tablespoon V1 and V2 & Teaspoon : all in 3 metals Fade, Silver & Bronze packed separately).


There is also a GROUP GIFT for you available at the booth at Shiny Shabby. Please do activate the .Shi in-world group to click and redeem it.


*Note: The final purchase includes both modify & copy permissions.


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