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We are participating in The Epiphany gacha event this round! Event opens 15th April 10PM SLT till 15th May 10PM SLT. The concept is unique one for a gacha event in Second Life. You get to exchange your unwanted duplicates for points to redeem an exclusive items! Read here for more info

A personal quest experiencing God who creates the science. We present you the Kosmos hair & mask set.

Set includes a total of 2 x RARES & 18 COMMONS  L$100 per play

Mask RARE Includes:

  • Mask in Gun Metal texture
  • Un-rigged with re-sizable script

Hair RARE Includes:

  • 6 Hair color packs (Mono, E-Metallic, E-Nordic, Apocalypse 1, 1-dirt & 2 
  • Un-rigged with re-sizable script

COMMON Includes:

  • 9 individual hair color packs
  • (Dips,Red,Pastel,LBlonde,DBlonde,LBrown,DBrown,E-Studio & E-Bronde
  • Un-rigged with re-sizable script

Exclusive item – unisex Wire Plug-in for points redemption available in the event location , mirrored sim and mainstore


The set includes:

  • 3 rubber color options via HuD
  • Re-size scripts

Fitting has been done on Lelutka, Fiore, Catwa and TMP Male mesh heads. You should be able to fit it with most mesh heads! Please note that these are not rigged which means you CAN resize them with the re-sizable scripts included.

The model is wearing a Fiore “Precious” mesh head with the system head shape slider at 58. Therefore, it might differ from your shape. Please do try the demo and resize it to fit your preference before purchase.

*Note: The final purchase includes Modify & Transferable permissions only.


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