Accessories, Events, Messiah

Maschil Collective

Maschil” means with wisdom. May we apply wisdom in all things we set our heart and hands to do.

This is a collective of Unisex accessories consisting of:

  1. Hand Bracelet – Rigged fitted mesh
  2. Thumb Ring #1 – Un-rigged/Resize+stretch scripts
  3. Ring #2 – Un-rigged/Resize+stretch scripts
  4. Ring #3 – Un-rigged/Resize+stretch scripts

All leather parts includes 3 color leather option via HuD.

*Note: Removable scripts included for all items.

Leather HuD



Mesh Hands Compatibility


  1. Gianni by SIGNATURE (exclude closed fist hands)
  2. Slink Male (Relaxed & Gesture)
  3. TheMeshProject Male


  1. Belleza – Bracelet & Ring #1 fits hands similar to relax pose, Ring #2 & #3 fits all poses)
  2. Maitreya
  3. Slink Female (Relaxed, Elegant, Gesture & Bag [Bracelet only])



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