Events, Hair


We are excited to be participating in The Crossroads Event with our new hair and a GIFT (available only at the event)!

Inspired by a childhood favorite, “Swanlake” – here’s our take on Odette.

Curved bangs mimicking that of a bird, this is a semi-rigged fitted mesh hair with dual style options and Wing Accessory included:

Style 1

  • The top portion of the main hair is not rigged with resize-able scripts and modifiable permissions (only demos are not modifiable).
  • The lower portion of the hair with the long strands are rigged. Therefore, you can re-position the top to fit the bottom rigged parts.
  • Option of strands highlights included via HuD


Style 2

  • Includes option to turn lower rigged portion off and you have a different look


Available in 8 color packs – each controlled via our comprehensive HuD.

Wing accessory included with 2 color options via HuD.

Feather HUD

We hope you like it!


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