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Thank you for all your support and patience. We have for you a new group gift!



The Unisex Leather Rings are packed separately for Female and Male. The rings are only compatible for the following mesh hands:


  • Slink Gesture & Relaxed
  • Maitreya

HUD Female


  • TMP
  • Slink Relaxed
  • Signature Gianni Relax


All rings for the listed compatible mesh hands are linked. Which means, you just need to:

  1. Wear the attachment
  2. Wear your HuD
  3. Click on the listed hands of your choice and the rings will rez accordingly (of course have your own hands worn before that).

.How to resize them?
Always make a copy before anything.


  1. Manually – Wear the rings click and select “Delete” and select “Yes”. Now you can select them in your edit mode to resize them manually.
  2. Resize Scripts – Scroll down to instructions

.Want to wear only 1 ring of either sides?
Simply click on any of the options on the HuD:

L1 – Left Ring 1
L2 – Left Ring 2
R1 – Right Ring 1
R2 – Right Ring 2
Hide all – Hide all rings

.How to turn all back on?
Click on the choice hands and the rings will appear again.


Remember to wear your group tags and note that gifts are available for a limited period of time after which it will no longer be available.

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