Messiah X .Shi


●Shi is participating in Uber once again! This time, as announced previously, we present you a little introduction to our new brand “Messiah” focusing predominantly on menswear.


With the event’s “Rustic” theme in mind, we present to you 2 new exclusives (MEN ONLY) :

1. Long Tank

A long ribbed tank with twisted racer back and drawstring cords on the side. Available in 4 colors.

2. Rolled-Up Trousers

A pair of relaxed-fit rolled up trousers with optional cuff leather that can be turned on/off via HuD. Trousers available in 4 colors and 2 cuff leather options

Important Note:

Both items are rigged mesh, therefore it cannot be resized.

Both items are modeled for the standard “default avatar”. Therefore, it will not fit mesh bodies. Please demo before purchasing.

* Please note that we are still working on processes at the back-end we appreciate your patience for mesh bodies compatibles. New releases will be updated and sent automatically to all of you who purchased. Thank you. *

This round runs from now till July 22nd


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