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Thank you all for being patient! I know it has been a long while since the last gift, apologies on that as my schedule has been really tight in between commitments.

Also, I would very much prefer to be able to take my time and make something nice instead of placing a gift just for the sake of it. Having said that, we have NEW GIFTS available in-store now. Yes, TWO!

1. Shi HP Case


Gears studded hand phone case with
2 versions of chains with various texture option via HuD.


– 2 versions of chain length
– 4 screen options
– 4 bow leather options
– 8 case color
– 2 metal option for gears
– 2 metal option for chains
– 4 chained leather options
– 4 Gemstone options
– 2 Gem stud options
– 3 Pearl options
– 2 bow stud metals option
– Re-size + Stretch script

2. Shi Namecard Holder w Chains

Gift ADFinal

Chained name card holder with customizable cards that can be worn separately.


– 2 versions for men rigged with different positions
– 1 un-rigged version for both ladies and men
– Name card texture included for customization
– 2 metals and 6 leather strap options via HuD

This is an un-rigged mesh with HUD for texture change and Resizer + Stretch script – Please read the instructions included.

*Please do take note that the group gifts are only available for a limited time only, after which it will no longer be available.*

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