For April, we are proud to be participating in the “Creators Collection Box” event. Today, we for you two new exclusive items for the ladies.

The Kimono Neck Warmer is a fitted-mesh v-neck warmer with Shi’s signature leather and fringe. Available in 5 leather textures.

▪ Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.
▪ Fatpack ver. available (All colors via HUD)

In addtion, the Wrap Bustier. A casual fitted-mesh wrap top that crosses both the front and back. Choose up to 10 textures, inspired by the real life .Shi fabric. The collar pin comes in 3 colors that can also be changed via HuD.

▪ 2 versions are included for the Standard Avatar, optional alpha and a Beta version for the Maitreya : Lara Mesh Body.


*Note: These are fitted-mesh, please remember to demo before you buy.

This round for CCB runs from 25th April – 16th of May.


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