.Shi @ COLLABOR88!

Collabor88, Events, Femme, Homme, Unisex

We are excited to be one of the Guest Designers for the October round of Collabor88!. This months theme is “Black Magic”. For this, we present you an exclusive teaser from our upcoming, “Warrior of Light” collection.


First, we have the UNISEX Hesed Neck Warmer. A leather scarf with silver chain inlay and leather straps wrapped around the neck. Available in four distressed styles: Cigar, Mystic, Old Book and Saffron. Each scarf comes with 2 different sizes, V1 and V2.

*Note: These are RIGGED mesh, please remember to demo before you buy.


Second, The rigged Daleth Wrap Top for the ladies. The top crosses and drapes over the body with a unique tie with see through printed chiffon on the back.


The TSADE body cuff can also be paired with this, making it flexible for mix and match. Available in 3 colors: Black , Mystic and Maroon.

Last but not least, the TSADE / Body Cuff. An UN-RIGGED chest accessory with intricate metals and jewels detailing. A comprehensive HUD is included providing you with a wide variety of option to choose from.


With a choice of up 3 metals: Bronze, Copper and Silver and resizing. Available in 2 sizes : Size 1 & 2 inclusive of an optional alpha layer. Available in 5 colors, Black, Nude, White, Maroon and Teal.


* The current prices of this collection reflects the theme of COLLABOR88. This is subjected to change once the cycle is over and placed at the .Shi Boutique.*

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